do you dare enter the tower? who knows what you will find...


  • arrow keys: walk
  • enter: pause menu (choose "options" for volume controls)

code, game design, dialog: pancelor

art, room design, dialog: tally

pixel art created with tiles from teaceratops and yelta


Download 1 MB
Version 8 Oct 12, 2022
Download 791 kB
Version 8 Oct 12, 2022
Download 3 MB
Version 8 Oct 12, 2022
Download 2 MB
Version 8 Oct 12, 2022

Development log


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is there any way to get better luck in this "game?"

post cheat codes here


floor 99... corner of my mind...

Well done. Didn't thought I would hang in that long. Great dialogs! Reached the 66th floor.

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I really love the atmosphere that you've created, but it can get a bit frustrating as you climb higher in the tower. I don't think I'll be able to get much further than the 65th floor without some kind off cheat, it's true. But the graphics and sound remind me of the sort of games they made back in '84.


This is so simple, yet so frustrating. The best/worst part is the insatiable curiosity about what the hell is at the top. I'll save my rating for when I manage to do that for now, I'll resist the urge to kill myself as I circle between levels 41-61. I'll probably drive myself insane, but IWILLDOIT...


thank you for making this torture. I also like this game's great art and in-between interactions with NPCs.


One of the coolest games I've played in a while. Now that I think about it might go into my top 3 favourite games of all time! Great job devs <3


woah! the gameplay change around floor 54 was a cool twist on the formula


ok buddy

what twist?


I've been going in circles for days.... I just want to leave.


Small bug. On floor 23 there are two doors. I rolled low so the exit became a down ramp, but I wanted to continue so I tried the other door for a re-roll. Which, of course, got rid of the down ramp exit. 

Made all the more conspicuous by no NPC there. Did I become the NPC on 23?


Love this concept, and its so well executed.  There's so much variety in the floor design and color schemes that I'm always curious to see what's on the next floor.  Sadly I don't think I have the fortitude to keep going up and down the same set of steps and hopefully see my way to the end...


It can get so frustrating! The futility! I love it!

It also reminds me of a game about a spider I love...    :)

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I have seen the lofty, windswept heights of Floor 57 three times now... I fear I may not be destined to go any farther.

Very fun! Got a little frustrated after reaching the 40s and kinda gave up haha but I love the unsettling vibe, nice game idea, music, and art style! Would mean a lot if you check out our game too! (Russian Rollette) :)

interesting game... got bored/stuck for 15+ minutes in the 40's