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This is the first ttrpg game I've ever played and I had a blast. It was super easy to understand, kept me engaged, and even my husband wandered over to see what was happening. LOL! I did succeed in finding my ingredients before my time ran out.  I didn't take the time to journal as I was playing, but did write down my cards as I went. The game didn't take so long to play that I lost interest and was just long enough that I'm excited to play again. I'm looking forward to incorporating some journaling the next time I play. I would highly recommend this as an introductory game for someone else like me who doesn't do gaming of any kind but is curious. I'm hooked and ended up looking for a few other games because of it. I found One Day at a Thyme (tried and loved too) and The Last Tea Shop. I'm not a writer (yet) and I've noticed that many of the solo games are journaling based which is a little intimidating for me. (Am I going to do it "wrong"???) This one isn't, so it was really easy to not feel any pressure and truly relax and enjoy the flow and process of the game. Thank you so much for creating this. I love it!

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Very pleasantly surprised by this game. I decided to write a journal entry for each card visited. My witch started out as a ditzy and direction-challenged hermit, but due to the cards I pulled, she ended as a tragic character who had turned her back on the forest when it needed her most. Even with the extra time spent writing the journal entries, gameplay was quick, simple, and fun. Very excited to play again!


Highly recommend The Witches Almanac! I played through the first time today and even though I was unsuccessful  I had an incredible amount of fun! The prompts really make it easy to come up with your own story and even the witch you’re playing!

My witch was a bit vindictive and wanted to make a potion of delusion against a rival out of jealousy but she failed miserably because she was distracted by EVERYTHING and eventually got chased out of the forest by a trio of elk! It was hilarious! I plan to write out that adventure in logs sometime. :) I had a wonderful time playing! Thank you and I plan to tell people about this! 


Thank you so much for playing and sharing! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it :)


this was great fun! i played it once and then had the immediate urge to play it again, the prompts are so great to work with, and it can be as deep or as light as you like without losing any of what makes it fun

Thank you - so glad you enjoyed it!


This was fun! It's very light but also very engaging. I'm looking forward to creating helps for future sessions (an easy hour counter,  stamps to record my path for later review, a mini figure) to make it even more my adventure. 

Thank you for a lovely game! 

Thank you so much! Wow - that sounds really cool, would love to see a photo of what you make for future sessions.


This was my first time playing a game like this, and it was such a fun time! It was fun playing a solo game that was more about the experience than it was about journaling. The prompts were all really fun, and the concept was great! I managed to make my Blooming Potion and now I want to play again and try with a different potion!


For a unique, cozy solo ttrpg

I HIGHLY recommend The Witch's Almanac.

Its challenging, the play experience can be as quick or as in depth as you want, and I keep coming back to it!

Thank you so much!

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Had a fun with my first session. Very system light and quick game with charming descriptions. I didn't manage to brew my skullduggery potion, but I befriended a wolf who is my best pal now and saw cool mushroom path under the light of a pink moon. Truly living the best witchy life.  

This is so lovely! Thank you for sharing <3


I loved this game! A super cute and cosy setting with creative and original card effects. I drew a bunch of cards that "cost" me time and I was delighted to have spent some time exploring the world. 

If you enjoy games with a high degree of randomness and replayability, The Witch’s Almanac is perfect. The content is thoughtful and unique and I highly recommend it.