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Glasses clink and the murmur of conversation fills the house. Outside, big fluffy flakes begin to fall, covering the ground in a dusting of snow. It quickly gets heavier and the roads are soon buried, along with the row of cars in front of the manor. You and the other guests find yourselves snowed in, trapped overnight thanks to this unexpected snowstorm.

It isn't long before screams fill the manor and the pleasant dinner party turns deadly...

  *  *  *

The Detective is a tarot-based solo murder mystery game. You play as the renowned Detective Rust attending a dinner party at the wealthy Dr. Brown's estate. After the party turns deadly, your crime-solving skills are put to the test to figure out just what happened.

Interview the other party guests and draw tarot cards to interpret their responses. Sometimes your questions will bring light to important evidencewhile others will bring omens and cause other unexpected events to occur.


The Detective is truly evocative of living out a classic manor murder mystery. -Edaureen (@dvaleris).


To play, you will need:

  • The 16 page game book & deck of 6 guest cards (included)
  • Deck of tarot cards
  • Two 12-sided dice (d12)
  • One 6-sided die (d6)
  • A coin
  • A way to record your findings (ex. detective journal, voice recorder)

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Authorstallywinkle, pancelor
Tagsmurder-mystery, solo, Solo RPG, Tarot, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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Hello there, tallywinkle! Are there any plans to release further Community Copies by any chance? Thanking you in advance!

Yes, I have refreshed the pool of community copies :)

That's great! Thanks again!